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Not All Goats Are the Same

Before purchasing a goat there are many things to consider. The information below will help you make a decision on what kind of goat will work for you the best.

Spring is right around the corner. It won’t be long before everyone will be looking on Craigslist for new critters. Some people will be purchasing chicks; some will purchase a new cow, and many people will be purchasing goats. Before you put your hard earned money in someone else’s hand, read my goat buying tips below. Not all goats are the same.

Many rural towns have livestock auction houses where people bring their animals to sell. The problem with auctions is many people bring their old or sick animals to the auction. Sometimes just looking at an animal you aren’t able to tell whether it is in good health, bad health, young, or old. You might get a deal at the auction but the deal will be short lived if the animal is sick and requires a lot of care. It could even die shortly after you purchase it. Don’t buy a goat at an auction.

Everyone loves how cute kid goats are. They make cool noises, hop around and are fun to watch. The downside is if you have never had a goat before, it is often better to start with an adult goat. If you are purchasing a dairy goat, you can get one that is in milk or you can purchase a pregnant one that will be in milk soon. I prefer buying pregnant goats because I feel like I get more bang for the buck.

When purchasing an adult goat, find out if it has been milked before. If you have never milked a goat and you purchase a goat that has never been milked before, it can be challenging at first. If you are new to dairy goats, buying a goat that has been milked can save you many headaches. The first few times I milked a goat that hadn’t been milked was a stressful occasion for the goat and I. Having a Dansha Farms milker will make the process easier.

When shopping for a goat or any livestock for that matter, do plenty of research on the different types of breeds. Not all dairy goats produce the same amount of milk. Believe it or not, the milk taste can be different from breed to breed.

After you determine what type of dairy goat best suits your needs and lifestyle, purchase it from a reputable breeder. Many breeders now have websites and many breeders post their animals on Craigslist. Research a few breeders before making a purchase.


Realize that goats are a lot of work. If you don’t have the time to milk a goat and take care of a goat, don’t purchase one.

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