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Cheryl DeBruyn Holloway

Facebook Review

“We lost our (much loved!) Dansha Farms basic milker when our barn burned down on February 21st. Our surviving mamas are getting the royal treatment in our brand new milking parlor, with an upgraded model. Cinnamon gives her ‘mehhh’ of approval!”

Audrey Curran

Facebook Review

“The box built onto the front of the stand securely holds my pump and the jar to keep them from tipping over. I also don’t have to worry about bringing in contaminants attached to the bottom of the jar, because it never touches the stand where dirty hooves have been. It’s a good set up for your pump.”

Diane Lieser Jones

Facebook Review

“I LOVE my milking machine! I also love that, when I did accidentally suck milk into the pump, they fixed it and got it back to me in just a few days!!!. SO, it’s with complete sadness that I confess that, this time, my daughter got milk in the pump on the second day that I got it back!!! Tears over here.”

Judie Dawn

Facebook Review

“I waited to give your milking machine a review until I had used it for a month. I have used it twice a day for 30 days and I’m excited to say it is the best thing since sliced bread! I have severe RA and my hands are deformed so milking is very hard almost impossible. I thought my days with goats were numbered as I can’t justify spending a fortune on a milking machine for 2 goats. My daughter found your system and we ordered it crossing our fingers!!!! BUY THIS MACHINE!!! it is simplicity at its finest”

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