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Perfectly Portable Milking Machines

If you’ve ever tried to hand milk a cow or goat, you’ll know that it is a difficult technique to get right. An incorrect hand-milking technique is a leading cause of mastitis in lactating animals. Hand milking is also slow, and physically exhausting. Even the most experienced and skilled hand-milker will probably only successfully milk about six animals in an hour.

Leading Supplier of Portable Milking Machines

At Dansha Farms, we offer portable vacuum milk machines, we have vacuum milk machines for cows, sheep, goats and other animals. Many of our machines are hand-held and battery powered, making them very easy and convenient to use. Our vacuum milk machines are sealed milking systems keeping your milk clean. Our milkers are portable, easy to use, fast, and easy to clean. Even if you only have a few animals, our milkers are easier and more efficient that hand milking. They’re also great to use if you have arthritis or any other condition that makes hand milking difficult. We are a leading dairy farm equipment company, and we invite you to browse through our comprehensive online selection of single cow, goat & sheep milk machines for sale.

Our Guarantee Is Your Guarantee

We are proud of our company and the products we sell, and our commitment to excellent customer service means we will do whatever it takes to ensure each and every person who buys one of our machines is 100% satisfied. We help the new to milking farmer with milking questions and milk machine questions. We service what we sell. We back up this commitment with a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY.

What Our Customers are Saying

Its great! I hadn’t used it before and was waiting…really putting it off as I was very skeptical, but today I was so tired and my doe has smaller teats so I decided to try it out and see if it really worked. My doe let down to the milker better than she does milking by hand! I couldn’t believe it was so easy.

Elizabeth Hatfield

I have Jersey Cows and will tell you that this milker is a life saver! It’s easy to manage and works beautifully. I can not say enough good things about this product and the seller. The seller is kind with excellent communication. This is my third milker from this seller, Very happy customer!

Melinda Roth

Just bought my second 12 volt milking machine from Dansha Farms, I have my milk room set up & milk 2 at a time. I love it & it has been a huge time saver for me! Thanks Dan for a great invention!

Wendy Weisenbach

It did a great job on our goats, i really like the ease of use and clean-up battery pack lasts for our entire herd.

Joe Brown