Lichtenberg (Fractal) Wood Burning Art Dansha Farms Branded Art # 4592 “Free Shipping”


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Art Work # 4592

This Fractal Artwork # 4592 is made with Maple. The Lichtenberg (Fractal) pattern was created using 15,000 Volts at .31ma. The Artwork has a wood sealer applied, sanded and colored epoxy installed in the burn. Then sanded and three coats of polyurethane applied it has a mirror finish. The piece measures 13 inches high and 6 inches wide by 7/8 inch thick and
Weighs 1 Pound 8 ounces.
This Art would look spectacular on a wall, on a stand or as an inlay in a piece of furniture.

A forever gift of what Mother Natures High Voltage Energy Looks Like and she is a great artist !!

Lichtenberg figures are named after the German physicist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, who originally discovered and studied them. When they were first discovered,

it was thought that their characteristic shapes might help to reveal the nature of positive and negative electric “fluids”. In 1777, Lichtenberg built a large electrophorus

to generate high voltage static electricity through induction. After discharging a high voltage point to the surface of an insulator, he recorded the resulting radial patterns by sprinkling various powdered materials onto the surface. By then pressing blank sheets of paper onto these patterns, Lichtenberg was able to transfer and record these images, thereby discovering the basic principle of modern xerography.[1]

This discovery was also the forerunner of the modern day science of plasma physics. Although Lichtenberg only studied two-dimensional (2D) figures, modern high voltage

researchers study 2D and 3D figures (electrical trees) on, and within, insulating materials.

Lichtenberg figures are examples of natural phenomena which exhibit fractal properties.


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