Both hand milking and machine milking are essential methods for milking animals. But, they are different. This difference can be figured out on the basis of time taken, milk quality, milk production, and labor.

Let’s read this blog and figure out the difference between machine and hand milking.

Hand Milking is the age-old way of milking animals. It is perfect if you have one or a couple of cows or goats. But, if you’re too old for this task or suffering from problems like arthritis, then you should go for machine milking.

Not only this, there are other drawbacks of hand milking and they are as follows:

❖ Stress

Many people often stress themselves to manage and milk animals. People who are not physically strong or with health troubles burden themselves.

❖ Contaminated Milk

The milk you get from hand milking may have debris, dirt, and germs. This milk may get contaminated and its quality may degrade.

❖ Time-Consuming

Hand milking is a time taking process especially when you’re milking sheep, cows, or goats. You can use this time somewhere else.

Therefore, we can say that hand milking can be good but not that much satisfactory.

On the other hand, machine milking is a stress-free method of producing milk. Knowing the fact that machine milking takes less time, it is being accepted across the world. It also reduces dependency on hand labor.

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