Goat’s milk contains protein, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium. Apart from these facts, goats are easy to keep and are less expensive. Goats automatically Homogenise their milk in their udder.

Unlike cows, they don’t need big space. They are adjustable and they can go well in cool and hot weather.

Nowadays, milking farmers look for easy and quick methods to do their chores. Dansha Farms™, the leading supplier of portable vacuum milk machines is known for their quality.

Dansha Farms was voted the Best Milker in the year 2021. We provide direct phone assistance for milking and on our milk machines. We are a Goat Farm Located here in North Florida, USA.

Rather than going manually, try Dansha Farms™ milk machines Instead!

Earlier, people used to do goat milking manually. Straws were inserted into cow’s teats to draw milk in some regions. This method was painful as it caused bleeding in goats. It led to massive fluid congestion. Therefore, further innovation was encouraged.

Dansha Farms™ has introduced numerous vacuum milk machines. We provide the most reliable solution to these problems, and you can purely trust our products.

We are a prominent and leading supplier that will tell you how to get milk in the right way. Our milk machines are great for home use and also for business purposes. With our machines, you can be assured that your milk is hygienic. Some more benefits of having Dansha Farms™’s machines are:

  • Contamination-free
  • Preserves Product Quality
  • Reduce Food Waste
  • Sealed system

Why Dansha Farms™ Milk Machines?

We have cost-effective machines that can be used by different classes of milking farmers. We provide the best-quality vacuum milk machines for all animals.

Our milking machines are in High Demand!!

We offer a wide range of milking machines and equipment for milking your animals.. Being a leading supplier of portable vacuum milking machines, we aim to provide the best products and services at the lowest cost to our customers.

  1. 120-volt vacuum milk machines

Our 120-volt vacuum milk machines are highly popular in the market for their efficiency. It is anti-corrosive and will save you energy and time. The surfaces of Dansha Farms™ are environment-friendly, safe, and non-toxic. Our machines are long-lasting and can perform Best.

2. Battery-powered goat milker with one or two teats

Our Battery-powered milkers with one or two teats can be used for small breeds like American Pygmy and larger breeds like Kalahari goats. Our machines have strong but flexible vacuum hoses.

3. Battery-powered or 120 volt vacuum milking machines with a one-quart, half gallon, or one gallon capacity

Why is Dansha Farms™ the best?

Your satisfaction is Our Priority. We offer effective and easy solutions for milking. From our several models you can choose and purchase machines best fit for milking requirements

In case you don’t like our product you can return it. You get your money back 30 days after purchase. So, hurry up! Try our portable milking machines.
We also offer direct phone service for questions about milking and or on our milk machines

Lifetime warranty on our pumps against manufacturer’s defects