Product Review: Dansha Farms Goat Milker
Daily Life, General, Goats | July 9, 2017
Let me start by saying I was not paid for this review.  I do not know anyone at the company or have advertising on my site.
For years I’ve tried various inexpensive goat milkers. Spending thousands on bulky, heavy milk machines hasn’t been an option for me and the small hand milkers I’ve used have failed miserably. I’ve been hand milking twice a day during milk season for years and have dreamed of having a lightweight, inexpensive milk machine to save my aching hands.
I had seen the Dansha Farms milker for years but recently discovered they’ve invested in new and improved options and a great new website that’s professionally done and easy to navigate. Good marketing is always a bonus for me when someone invests in their products.
The company offers several different milking kits ranging from $100 to $140. Some are “off grid” for those who don’t have electricity in their barn or milking areas, which I thought was a thoughtful option. They also have a European power supply, another thoughtful option. Shipping was surprisingly reasonable as well at only $11.
With the prices being so inexpensive I was automatically suspicious of the quality. The last thing I wanted to do was throw away any amount of money on another crappy system that doesn’t work. With several does about to wean their babies I knew I was in for tired arms and frustrated does. So I took a leap of faith and purchased the Dansha Farm Brute milking kit.
I was pleasantly surprised when my milker arrived quickly, like three days after placing my order. As usual, I was intimidated by learning something new. I’m always afraid of screwing something up, in this case my new milker.
I pulled the contents from the box and looked everything over. The components were lightweight, perfect for a woman, and the half gallon glass jar it comes with is adorable (bonus).

I put the items on my kitchen table and stared at them for a couple days while I sweat profusely and continued to hand milk twice a day.
Finally, I decided to read the directions. I loathe reading directions and usually just wing it. I was happy to discover the directions were easy, even for me. I quickly put it together and let it sit again while I continued to hand milk. I don’t know why I’m so irritatingly fearful of new things sometimes, but whatever.
I decided to watch a couple YouTube videos for the extra confidence. I often learn better by watching someone else do something. I was glad I did. I was struck more by the comments and responsiveness of the company owner and his willingness to help his customers than by the tutorial video itself. I was already impressed by their marketing, rapid shipping and now their responsiveness to their customer base.
When a first time freshener (a new doe in milk) was fussing with my slow hand milking process it motivated me to see how she would do with the machine. Incredibly, it was a great experience for both of us. She quietly ate while I quickly milked and even had time to give her a good brushing and love while she finished her breakfast. This never happens with my new does. They always finish eating before I finish milking and get fussy. It sucks. I hate it when a doe has a bad experience on the milk stand. This miracle machine, made milking fun for me and easy for my doe. The vacuum pump wasn’t completely quiet but it didn’t phase my young doe and you don’t leave it on very long before it creates the suction and starts to work. Clean up is quick and I couldn’t ask for more. Easy peasy.
Dansha Farms, where have you been all my (farm) life!?
Needless to say, I’ve been telling everyone with a goat about this great product and responsive little company