Hand Milking Made Easy



Hand Milking

I remember the first time that I “tried” to milk a goat. I thought it was going to be a pleasant experience. As I approached my barn and got my milking stand ready for the job at hand, I thought about how I had always dreamed about having a farm and living off the land.

‘This milking thing will be great,’ I thought. Almost everybody drinks milk so being able to milk my own goat and provide for my family is awesome. It is one less thing I will have to buy from the store and the milk is surely healthier. My little dream of being Old McDonald and living off the land came to a crashing halt the moment I tried to milk my goat. Her name was Bagel and although she was as friendly as a family dog, she didn’t like the idea of me grabbing her udders and milking her. It took a week of fighting back and forth before she finally got used to the routine and ate a little grain while I milked her, but the job took me forever.

Save Time

I have cerebral palsy and although my hands work, my dexterity isn’t very good and I have arthritis in one hand so very quickly, I realized milking a goat was no fun. After a quick search online, I found the Dansha Farms milk machine. I got one and it saved my hands and saved me a ton of time. Before I used the Dansha Farms milk machine, milking my one goat took almost an hour because my hands hurt and keeping everything neat and clean when milking by hand takes time. After I started using the milker and got a routine down, I was done milking my goat in 10-15 minutes. Time is something we all struggle to find enough of and the Dansha Farms milker helps me save lots of it.

Cleaner Milk

Along with saving time, the milk is cleaner. When milking by hand, it seemed regardless of how hard I tried, dirt, debris and hair ended up in my milk. With the machine, everything was sealed so when I came into the house to put the milk in the refrigerator, very little needed to be done to it because it was already clean.

Priced Right

One of the nicest features of a Dansha Farms milk machine is the price. Most milk machines cost thousands of dollars and are designed for farmers who milk several goats. There are very few options for the backyard hobby farmer that have a few goats and want an easy-to-use machine that doesn’t cost as much as a used car. Dansha Farms offers several different milkers, surely one will fit the need of anyone and everyone out there who wants to save their hands, save time and keep their milk clean.

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